Case study


35 years old with primary infertility – 10 years with irregular periods diagnosed with PCOD in year 2012. HSG done patent tubes, ovulating only with help of medication, Sperm analysis normal. IUI done 4 times and IVF 2 times at different centers. Patient came to us for IVF treatment some tests were done. Genital Tuberculosis and endometriosis was diagnosed on endometrial biopsy and laparoscopy.

Reason for her infertility was that the uterus had the infection and adhesions due to endometriosis. Due to which it was unable to sustain pregnancy. So, we suggested for TB medications. In the 4 month of TB medication we tried for 1st IVF cycle at our clinic.

We transferred one Grade A blastocyst. And yes, we made it, she is 6 weeks pregnant now. It’s her 1st scan. This tiny dot is made with lots of love and lots of science.

Each case is different and so is the treatment plan we reach the root cause and accordingly plan the treatment.

There’s nothing worse than starting off on the wrong foot. For those feeling a little anxious about their fertility journey contact us today we are here to help you.


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