Kiran Infertility Centre – Chennai is backed by the Kiran group’s 40 years of legacy of clinical excellence and unbeatable expertise, KIC Chennai brings to the table the unparalleled commitment towards successful outcomes. KIC – Chennai’s success is based on a combination of a patient-centric approach delivered by expert doctors all of whom are specialists in the field of Infertility

With the state-of-the-art technology and clinical protocols that are closely monitored, KIC – Chennai gives you the expertise in skill and technology to increase your chances of pregnancy. KIC- Chennai is always at the forefront of research and development taking place in the global arena of infertility.

We have a team of doctors that includes specialists in Fertility, Reproductive Medicine, Reproductive Endocrinology, Andrology, Urology, Fertility Enhancing Laparoscopic Surgeons, Fetal Medicine, Obstetrics, Gynecology, Genetics, and Embryology and a supportive team of Physiotherapists, Counselors.

At KIC- Chennai, we offer all types of infertility treatment under one roof such as IUI , IVF, ICSI, Egg/ Embryo donation, Cryopreservation, Preimplantation genetic screening for chromosomal defects

KIC – Chennai’s team of doctors/medical staff takes on their responsibilities very seriously as our patients have immense trust in them. The patients have full faith in us and as such we are able to deliver results through a patient-centric approach. We have reached the top by consistently maintaining the success rates through a multi-dimensional approach. You can choose us because our doctors are members of some of the reputed institutions such as A.S.R.M, E.S.H.R.E, I.S.A.R., and C.O.G.I.

KIC Chennai also offers:-

  1. We have expertise in selection and maintenance of Donors provided from KIC’s own Oocytes / Egg Donor Database consisting of more than Fifty Indian Donors and about Fifty Caucasian Donors
  2. We have the best infrastructure and embryology lab as per international standards with quality
  3. Advanced treatment options such as Endometrial Receptivity Assay, laser Assisted hatching, Stem cells and PRP, Oocyte vitrification and Pre implantation genetic Screening to rule out abnormalities at the embryo stage itself
  4. Academics & Medical Research
  5. Clinical Trials and Testing
  6. Cryopreservation
  7. Cryo-Vitrification
  8. Shipping of Genetic Specimen
  9. Semen Banking
  10. IVF and IUI Lab Installations & Maintenance
  11. All of our facilities are connected with latest internet technologies such as Wi-Fi to ensure 24/7 communication environment when foreign patients visit our
  12. An objective assessment of any failures and in ensuring patients’ success in their future cycles.

Today Kiran Group stands tall as one of the most esteemed and prestigious Infertility Treatment Centers in the country and beyond. Finally, you can trust on us as we regularly update the recent advances in protocols and technology and believe in keeping the couple/patients well informed throughout their treatment cycle and making them partners in all decisions.