What are stem cells?

Stem cells are undifferentiated cells that exist in the embryonic, fetal, and adult stages of life.

Stem cells and Infertility

Stem cells are being explored for the treatment of infertility due to their presence in huge numbers and easy availability and for their potential properties to differentiate into other cells.

Stem cells are being used in Assisted Reproductive technology treatments to produce varying types of specialised cells, including oocytes and sperms.

Autologous stem cells are successfully being used for ovarian and endometrial rejuvenation.

Pleuripotent  haematopoetic stem cells which are present in both men and women are being used in other branches of medicine as well for their  regenerative qualities

Earlier science thought that women have a certain fixed number of eggs and their numbers cannot be increased however this no longer holds true as the use of stem cells is proving that serum AMH levels and the Number of Antral follicles can increase with proper usage of Autologous stem cells along with other adjuvant medications.

Stem cells in male Infertility

Stem cells have also shown benefit in Azoospermic males and can be used in cases of both obstructive as well as non obstructive Azoospermia

Stem cells In Female Infertility

In the treatment of female infertility, stem cells are most commonly used for premature ovarian failure or low ovarian reserve with poor quality eggs and also for chronic thin endometrium of varying etiology

How do Stem Cells help?

Stem cells are mostly taken from the bone marrow from the Hip bone, they help by replacing the damaged cells when injected into the tissues where rejuvenation is needed.


Stem cell treatment is still in the experimental phase, so, at this point, we can’t certainly say that it will work for everyone.

Patient-wise Selection is needed based on age, Hormone levels, and reasons for Infertility, etc to find out who may benefit the most from the use of stem cells.

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