Kiran Infertility Centre(KIC) – Chennai is located at Arcot Road, Kodambakkam Chennai. KIC – Chennai has some of the Most Experienced and Skilled Team of Fertility Specialists, Andrologists, Radiologist, Obstetricians, Gynaecologist and Embryologist along with World-Class facilities of Global standards as the success of any infertility treatment depends upon its ART infrastructures such as IVF laboratory, the Individualised Treatment protocols or quality control. The ART layouts, equipment, and consumables used in an IVF Laboratory form an important part of any infrastructure of infertility treatment clinics.

Our ISO certified company has reached its pinnacle with the combined force of innovation, and the adaptation of new technologies, the collective skills of our medical professionals, and in following the highest standards of integrity and ethics. Some of the infrastructure at glance includes-

  • Reception and Waiting Area

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    The comfortable reception is manned by KIC – Chennai’s Team having expertise in coordinating your appointments and in addressing any queries that you might have. The plush waiting area gives you a comfortable space with adequate Physical Distancing and a sophisticated environment that helps in delivering unparalleled success.

  • Ultrasound Room

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    The Ultrasound Room is well equipped with all facilities of diagnostics and intervention equipped with Color Doppler, Convex and Concave probes and Ultra-modern 4D ultrasound.

  • Clean Room IVF Laboratory

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    KIC – Chennai’s IVF Labs are set up with state-of-the-art inverted microscopes for ICSI and Laser for Assisted Hatching. The IVF lab has CO2 Incubators, Laminar Flows, and Micro Manipulators. There is also a state of the art freezing /Cryo Department for storing Gametes.

  • The IVF OT

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    The KIC – Chennai’s Ultramodern Theater is equipped for Oocyte pickup and Embryo Transfer. Access to the Operation Theater or OTs is extremely limited and all our specialists follow strict aseptic protocols.

  • Cryo-Preservation Room

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    The Cryo-preservation room is equipped with Cryo-cans for Sperm and Embryo freezing. All handlings of eggs, sperm, and embryos are done under a laminar flow hood that reduces the chances of contamination. We have in-house embryologists, technicians who are well trained, responsible individuals who undergo regular training of global standards that allow them to efficiently run and in maintaining the lab at international standards.

  • Altruistic Surrogacy Unit

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    KIC- Chennai’s surrogate mothers are cared for in a dedicated Surrogacy Unit in the hospital/centre which is designated to provide every comfort and convenience and also in monitoring the baby’s progress closely and accurately.

  • Other facilities

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    Our other facilities include recovery rooms, VIP recovery rooms for VIP patients. We also have in- house auditorium fitted with latest audio-video technology and projectors used for training sessions and workshops that KIC – Chennai conducts on a regular basis.