Finding your fertility window when you are trying to conceive.

A fertility window or pregnancy window is defined as when a woman has a maximum chance to conceive during her monthly cycle. It is the time during which women ovulate. Or in layman language releases an oocyte. Male fertility does not change in the same way as female fertility but it does decrease over a man’s lifetime and is closely connected to his sperm count.

The chances of getting pregnant are highest within 24 to 48 hours of ovulation and decrease slightly in the next few days. There is a number of ways to predict ovulation and to plan the best time to get pregnant during the fertile window.

  • You can use an ovulation KIT
  • You can monitor your basal body temperature
  • You can calculate the date manually.

You can consult expert gynecologists of Kiran Infertility Centre Chennai to plan your time to get pregnant during your fertile window.


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