What to know about endometrium thickness and how to measure it

Endometrium is a lining of the uterus and it is one of the few tissues in female body that changes in size every month throughout the fertility age. The body prepares the endometrium to host an embryo as part of menstrual cycle. Endometrium thickness increases or decreases during this process. Endometrium thickness is important in pregnancy as an endometrium that is neither too thin nor too thick is an important factor for a successful pregnancy. Successful implantation depends on the correct thickness of the endometrium.

The endometrium is thinnest during menstruation when it usually measures between 2-4 millimeters in thickness and it can grow thicker up to about 11 millimeters at the time of ovulation. The gynecologists of Kiran Infertility Centre – Chennai measure the thickness of endometrium through ultrasound or by using MRI.



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