Usually it is said that women should have children or become a mother within the age of 35. It is a fact that late pregnancy may bring with it a bundle of health issues as a woman’s fertility goes down significantly after the age of 35.

Gynecologists generally consider the first pregnancy after 40 to be a high-risk pregnancy but with regular checkups, a healthy diet and proper exercise, the journey towards smooth pregnancy is possible.

Recent cases of pregnancy among celebrities like Kareena Kapoor, Anita Hassanandani, Kishwar Merchant, Amrita Rao etc. highlight how even after the age of 40 these celebrities were able to conceive healthy babies. Celebrities have high level of fitness as they maintain healthy diet plan, exercise regularly and avail the best medical facilities resulting in a smooth pregnancy.

Nevertheless, there are certain risks involved in conceiving a baby at the age of 40. These issues may be in the form of obesity, gestational diabetes, Hypertension, fibroid and others. In such cases, there may arise the need or necessity of going for ART methods such as IVF provided by reputed infertility clinics or hospitals like Kiran Infertility Centre for achieving smooth or successful pregnancy.

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