Couples who are trying to conceive have a big question about the odds of getting pregnant and expect success in few months. The majority of couples assume that the odds of conceiving are higher than they expect and will get pregnant quickly.

However, according to fertility experts, the natural ability to conceive a baby is only 10 to 15% per month. As such, it is important to know when to seek help if achieving natural pregnancy has not been successful.

For a woman under the age of 35 after trying to conceive for a year and a woman over the age of 35 after trying for six months, their chances of success without help drops to less than 4%.

How common is infertility

Infertility is now more common than in the past. It is affecting 1 of 8 couples trying to have a baby. Couples are embarrassed to talk about their infertility issues resulting in their failure to conceive. Many factors can affect the chances of getting pregnant. Some of the important facts/factors on fertility that should be taken into account to decide when to seek help with your doctor include-

The chances of achieving successful pregnancy for fertile couples

  • 20% for any given month
  • 57% within three months of trying
  • 75% within six months
  • 90% within one year
  • 95% within two years of attempting pregnancy

The age factor that affects fertility

Infertility affects men and women equally. Fertility in both sexes declines at the age of 30s and declines sharply in the late 30s. In the case of a woman, the chances of getting pregnant at the age of 30 naturally are 20%. At the age of 40, the chances of getting pregnant are only 5% so with the increase in age, the percentage of getting natural pregnancy declines sharply.

The following factors decide your ability to get pregnant such as-

  • Fertility declines in men after age 50
  • Fertility declines in women after age 30
  • 4% of women have trouble having a healthy pregnancy before the age of 25
  • For women between 26-34 years, 13% have difficulty having a baby
  • For women between 35-39 years, 25% have difficulty conceiving
  • 34% of women seeking to get pregnant would have trouble achieving pregnancy by the age of 40.

So, from the above mentioned factors, it is established that the chances of getting pregnant naturally decline with the rising age factor.