One of the most common assisted reproductive methods that can help a couple realize their family dream is IVF/in vitro fertilization and commonly known as test tube baby.

Here is a list of things a couple undergoing IVF should know what to do and what to not do.

Here are some of the things to do when you are undergoing the IVF cycle:

  • Try and be mentally and physically prepared for the procedure. Try Yoga and meditation
  • Do not stress about the procedure and the result. Trust your Doctor to do the job for you
  • Do not stick to just one strategy. Change strategies as advised by your fertility consultant
  • Do not rush through the IVF phase. It is advisable to do a frozen embryo transfer with PGS rather than a fresh without PGS
  • Do not wait for a long time particularly if IVF is the only option. As after a certain age your ovarian reserve and sperm quality will drop

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