Egg freezing among women has become a lot more common these days. They usually choose this process so that they can plan for children in the near future. Egg freezing is a process in which a woman’s Oocytes will be collected by a procedure known as oocyte retrieval and will be kept in a safe, secured, and healthy environment in a specially designed lab for usage in the future. Let’s understand the right Age to freeze the eggs.

An Overview of the process of Egg Freezing

Fertility consultants usually need to know the quality and ovarian reserve to have an understanding about  the number of eggs that might be available to be frozen . Women who are aged between 30 to 35 years usually have a higher ovarian reserve so they can expect a higher number of eggs to be frozen on average.

Women between the age of 35 to 40 will have lesser ovarian reserve,so can expect comparitively lesser number of eggs to be frozen. After 40 years the Ovarian reserve as well as quality declines rapidly. Hence the best time to have your oocytes frozen would be between the age of 25 to 35.

The oocyte Retrieval procedure is a Day care procedure and does not require prolonged hospitalisation. The procedure is done under general Anaesthesia and takes between 15 to 20 minutes on average .Once the eggs are been extracted from the woman they will be frozen at -96 degree celcius in liquid nitrogen container after the necessary processing by the Embryologist.

The most common reasons Women get their oocytes frozen are

• Divorced

• Working overseas

• Pursuing careers

• Single.

• Those women’s partners are not interested to have kids

• Those women’s partners are not mentally prepared to have kids

• Those women are in a new relationship so they need time.

Only a few women chose the process of egg freezing for social reasons while others do it for medical reasons, the most common being fertility preservation. Some cancer treatments like radiation and chemotherapy can damage a woman’s eggs. During these types of situations, it is highly advised for the woman to freeze her eggs if she wants to have children in the future before undergoing cancer treatment. 

There are few other medical reasons too that usually motivate women to freeze their eggs is due to issues in fallopian tubes or fertility. Many women who work in defenses and armed forces also consider this egg freezing process because of their occupation in their profession.


Freezing the eggs of women is an ideal solution who wants to take the time or not yet ready to have kids due to various reasons like education, career, and more.

Dr.Samit Sekhar