What are progesterone test and its uses

What are progesterone test and its uses?

A progesterone test is a blood test that determines the amount of progesterone in the body. In pregnancy, progesterone is crucial. It helps the body to be ready to support a fertilized embryo.

The uses or benefits of carrying out a progesterone test as per the gynecologists of Kiran Infertility Centre – Chennai include-

  • To determine if a woman has ovulated and assessing the causes of infertility to figure out in case the concerned woman has suffered a miscarriage or an ectopic pregnancy
  • For evaluating woman who is pregnant at high risk or who is using progesterone during her pregnancy
  • To identify the sources of irregular uterine bleeding
  • To find out how much progesterone levels a woman has to help confirm ovulation and make her fertility journey a lot easier.

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