Covid-19 as a pandemic is spreading rapidly like a fire across the globe. Especially in India where we are seeing piling up of more than three lakh cases being reported every day of patients with COVID-19. One of the ways of dealing with this situation is through timely vaccination and taking precautions like wearing masks, using sanitizers and avoiding going outside unnecessarily.

Rumors about COVID -19 vaccines – An overview


Recently some rumors are doing rounds on the COVID-19 vaccine that it can affect the menstrual cycle and even fertility in women. However, healthcare experts have debunked these rumors. Doctors like Dr. Randi Hutter Epstein at Yale School of Medicine wrote in New York Times that there is no data available to link the vaccines to changes in menstruation.

False news is also spreading that women should avoid getting vaccinated five days before and during periods, as their immunity is low at these times. Quashing these false news reports or rumors the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology released multiple statements that there is no evidence that vaccines can affect fertility in women.

Several gynecologists claimed that period (menstruation) does not affect a woman’s immunity and she can take the COVID vaccine during her periods. Gynecologists are spreading awareness about the efficacy of the COVID vaccine and urging women to be vaccinated even during their periods on their social media handles like Twitter.

As Per Dr. Samit Sekhar, Owner and Director at kiran infertility centre- We get a lot of Overseas patients from about 48 different countries for IVF treatments. We advise them to take the vaccine and come for treatment if vaccine is available in their country.