Surrogate Mother in Chennai

surrogate woman is a woman who agrees to carry and give birth to a baby for an infertile couple who is a surrogate or gestational carrier.

Surrogacy is legal in India since 2002 and there have been Supreme court judgments regarding the same. Currently, Surrogacy in India is allowed for Indian citizens only.

The Surrogacy (Regulation) Bill 2019 was introduced in Lok Sabha on 15 July 2019. The bill though not passed yet describes surrogacy as a custom in which a woman gives birth to a child for a couple planning to surrender the child after birth.

The revised bill, i.e. The Surrogacy (Regulation) Bill 2020 is a reformed version of the bill passed by Lok Sabha in 2019, following the approval by the Cabinet of all 15 recommendations by the Select Committee.

Surrogate Mother in Chennai

KIC – Chennai follows the guidelines issued by the Indian Council of Medical Research (I.C.M.R.)  for the entire surrogacy procedure.

The bill allows any willing woman to be a surrogate mother as opposed to the 2019 bill which stated that only a closed relative of the couple can be a surrogate mother.

Screening of Surrogate

The screening process of surrogate at KIC – Chennai involves the following stages-

Medical and psychological screening

Potential surrogate mothers are physically monitored for general health and optimum fertility. Equally important, surrogate mothers are psychologically advised to ensure they are able to cope with the emotional demands and responsibilities of our surrogate program. Time is spent with each surrogate to ensure that they give informed consent related to the procedure.

Physical examination

Potential surrogates are screened for infectious diseases and undergo a general physical examination. The checks include a full blood count, kidney, liver and thyroid, X-ray, and a wide range of fertility checks. On request, you can submit a list of screening tests for surrogates.

Once the women intending to be a Surrogate Mother has undergone these tests and her Medical, Gynaecological, Obstetric, and Physical and Psychological Fitness is ascertained then only she is formally inducted into Program.

For donors, KIC –Chennai follows the same stages or steps pertaining to Gynaecological Medical, Psychological, and Physical standards. Nevertheless, depending upon the ethnicity of the donors there are other tests carried out such as CF (cystic fibrosis) mutation, screening for Tay-Sachs disease, etc. For more information on our surrogate mother services, you can contact KIC – Chennai.