Gestational Surrogacy

In vitro fertilization (IVF) is carried out with the eggs of an intended mother and/or the egg donor and sperm from the Genetic father or husband

This means that the surrogate mother does not have a genetic connection with the baby.

The pregnancy with gestational surrogacy can be accomplished in three stages:

  • Recovery of egg — the intended mother or egg donor is subjected to a procedure in order to aspirate the oocytes
  • Fertilization – In the laboratory sperm is fertilized with the eggs and grown for 3 to 5 days.
  • Transfer — the embryo or fertilized egg is transferred to the womb of the surrogate mother. It is known as embryo transfer.

Gestational surrogacy offers those intended couples or parents who are unable to have a baby the ability to have their own child biologically . While you and/or your partner are not physically carrying a child, you will be closely involved throughout the entire process – from choosing your surrogate to being in the hospital when your child is delivered.

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The right candidate for gestational surrogacy – Who are they

Gestational surrogacy is indicated for infertile women who are-

  • Born without a uterus or without a functional uterus
  • had multiple failed IVF cycles
  • with repetitive pregnancy losses
  • With underlying medical problems that could pose risks to the mother or baby during pregnancy
  • Hysterectomy
  • Multiple fibroids
  • Adenomyosis


Gestational surrogacy may also be suitable for the intended father who is unable to produce sperm because of testicular failure resulting from cancer treatment or conditions that may be genetically transferable to the offspring the embryo that is developed from the donor sperm and genetic mother egg is carried by the surrogate mother. This process is called Gestational Surrogacy with Sperm Donation.

In the case where the intended parents are unable to produce sperm, egg or embryo, the surrogate mother can technically carry a donated embryo. The child born is genetically not related to the genetic parents or the surrogate mother.