Is it possible for a women to conceive easily even after a miscarriage?

Miscarriages are most traumatic part of infertility journey. But having miscarriage doesn’t close your doors towards parenthood. In case a woman is having repeated miscarriage, she should visit infertility center like Kiran Infertility Centre – Chennai to consult doctors for undergoing following tests and to take treatment in order to decrease its probability in next pregnancy. These tests include-

  • Blood Tests
  • Chromosomal abnormalities testing
  • A pelvic scan to rule out uterine malformations such as a short cervix/incompetent cervix or bicornuate uterus.

Additional tests to examine uterine lining and cure any inefficiency may be recommended by the infertility specialists.

Patients undergoing IVF cycle can opt for PGS testing to make sure the embryos are of great quality and don’t possess any genetic disorder. As chromosomal defects are the commonest causes for early pregnancy loss.

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