How should a male partner prepare himself during IUI treatment?

According to the doctors of KIC – Chennai a male partner should prepare himself for the process of IUI treatment by taking the following measures-

 Abstinence from sexual activity-

Refraining from ejaculation of any kind for at least 2 days, but not more than 5 to 7 days before his sample is collected.

Adopting a healthier lifestyle

During the 10 days preceding the sperm collection, it is essential to avoid smoking and excessive drinking.

Avoid taking certain drugs or medications

Drugs or medications such as Cimetidine, male and female hormones (testosterone, estrogen), sulfasalazine, nitrofurantoin, and several chemotherapy medications are examples of medications that may affect the quality as well as the quantity of sperm.

And above all, involve in some meditation and exercises to remain stress free and be available to your partner emotionally throughout the journey. Leave rest on KIC. We will take care of everything

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