How does age affect the chances of a woman’s pregnancy

How does age affect the chances of a woman’s pregnancy?

There are increasing numbers of women delaying a family’s start up until they are thirty, with over 20% having their first child after the age of 35.

Around the age of 30, the chances of having a baby declines by 3-5 percent per year, and this decrease accelerates after the age of 35. Some women over the age of 40 have little trouble getting pregnant, but many do not.

The reason for these changes as per the doctors of Kiran infertility centre – Chennai is that a woman has all the eggs she will ever have at birth, and her ‘ovarian reserve’ of eggs falls through puberty to menopause. Women in their late thirties and forties may see an especially rapid drop in their eggs as such affecting the pregnancy due to age factor. Freezing of oocytes/Embryos is a good choice for women

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