Do you know the difference between blastocyst and cleavage stage transfers?

Over the past few years, there has been an increasing trend to extending culture from cleavage-stage to blastocyst stage. First of all let us understand these two terms. Cleavage stage embryos are selected on day two or three of their development. On the other hand Blastocyst stage embryos are selected on day five or six of their development.


As Blastocyst embryos develops for longer in the lab it’s easier for the embryologist to select the embryos that are most likely to implant in the womb or to select Grade A embryos. This means that blastocyst transfers tend to have higher birth rates.

Direct comparisons between the two stages of embryo development appear to support the use of blastocyst transfers in clinical practice. Women who undergo blastocyst transfers achieve higher live-birth rates compared with those who receive fresh cleavage-stage transfers


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