The continuous evolution of medical sciences has not left any section of society untouched, be it rich or poor, famous or non famous. Today’s busy schedule has made the people forget about the importance of close relationships and have made the ecosystem completely work centric. But no matter how much a person is dedicated and engaged with their professional chores, every individual needs someone besides them for a personal connect and affection.

Especially single women who are staying alone and don’t have anybody to talk and express their feelings. They feel a very strong urge to have their babies and relish the feeling of motherhood. For this many women undergo the egg freezing or vitrification procedure to have their own babies when they wanted to. And this is not just the stories of normal single woman; celebrities are there too in the list.

Tanisha Mukherjee who is amongst the divas of Bollywood is also on the list. She got her eggs frozen at an age of 39 after round to round consultations with her doctor. She stated that it’s normal for women to not have children and it’s completely a personal decision of an individual.

Actor Taneesha Mukherjee also revealed that she wanted to go for the Egg freezing treatment when she was 33, but due to her doctor recommendations and guidance she remit the procedure that time and now at 39 she undertook the egg freezing treatment.

The actor revealed that it was advised by her doctor to go for the treatment only when she was highly certain about the fact that there was no hope of conceiving a baby. Adding to this she emphasized the point that it’s a completely empirical decision and women’s not having their own babies is absolutely customary.

In an interview with Leading Daily, she cited that around the time of her 39th birthday, she was in a highly conflict state about freezing of her eggs as she didn’t have a baby and all the things were messing in her head. But after some guidance she got the clarity and decided to go for egg freezing

Actress Taneesha Mukherjee also mentioned that she loves the pregnant women as they are in the most beautiful phase with that baby glow. She herself was extremely happy about the decision of freezing her eggs. Though she worked very hard to stay in shape after the treatment.

Taneesha started her bollywood journey with the film Sssshhh in the year 2003. Following this she also worked in several other bollywood films like Neal and Nikki, Tango Charlie and One Two Three. She was also a member of Big Boss in the year 2013. And also was amongst the contestants of the reality show Khatron ke Khiladi season 7.

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