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What are the chances or factors of having twins for couples considering IVF treatment?
Multiple births—the delivery of twins—is common with fertility treatments. During the use of assisted reproductive technology (ART)—such as in-vitro fertilization (IVF)—multiple births primarily result from the transfer of more than one embryo during the procedure. Earlier these pregnancies were considered high risk. But nowadays they are very much normal and the risk associated with them are also decreasing with the advancement of science. we see our patients often get more excited with the news of twins and do consider them as completing their family at a single time. And to our surprise, many of them wish for twins
However, we at Kiran Infertility Centre – Chennai to avoid the chances of twins or triplets for couples considering IVF treatment, transfer the best embryo. Top-notch technologies and our experience of decades contribute to our success in selecting the best one to transfer,
Together we can fight and win over infertility. Choose Kiran Infertility Centre Chennai, for your IVF and Surrogacy Treatments
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