What processes are carried out to know about the causes of infertility in men and women?

Each patient is unique and as a result, the infertility treatments at Kiran Infertility Centre – Chennai are individually tailored to each of the patients. The objective is to figure out what is causing infertility in couples and then prescribe the most effective treatment. The male’s sperm and hormone levels are examined, and a urological examination is performed if needed.

Women’s cervical canal and endometrial cavity, as well as any changes in their fallopian tubes and menstrual cycle patterns, are also checked. These are accompanied by in-depth examinations of the couple’s sexual well-being. This procedure guarantees that IVF is the best treatment option for the patients’ infertility issues and that they are physically and psychologically prepared to start the cycle. If not, other treatment options are taken into account that best suits the patient.

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