role of sperms in ART

From a logical viewpoint, the role of sperm in Assisted Reproductive Technology is closely linked with its ability to fertilize female oocytes. Fertilization is possible as long as the genetic material from the sperm is transferable into the female oocytes. However earlier it was believed that the shape of the sperm, their number and ability to progressively move were the major factors determining the fertility potential of an individual. But with ICSI, this has been proved that the normalcy of the genetic material is of paramount importance as well.

The sperm itself is simply the messenger for delivering the genetic package to the oocytes. Implementing such sperm diagnostic and/or selection techniques could significantly improve live birth rates, still acknowledging that outcomes will also depend heavily on oocyte and endometrium quality.

With advances in assisted reproductive technologies more ways are available for obtaining good healthy sperms even in case with low sperm count, so more and more male fertility issues can be treated.

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