The tales of surrogacy as told in Hindu scriptures and texts

In the Bhagvata Purana, there is a story that suggests the practice of surrogate motherhood. Kans was a wicked king of Mathura, who imprisoned her sister Devaki along with her husband. As he believed their child to be his future killer. Every time she delivered a child, he smashed its head on the floor. He killed her six children.

When the seventh child was conceived in order to ruin the plan of Kans, Lord Vishnu instructed goddess Yogmaya to transfer the fertile embryo into Rohini’s womb. Rohini was the first wife of King Vasudev. So Yogmaya did accordingly. In this way, Lord Balaram was safely transferred from one mother to another mother and born from Devi Rohini instead of Devaki.  Thus the child conceived in one womb was incubated in and delivered through another womb.

Vedic era has examples of every possible scientific explanation of all happenings in life. Surrogacy is practiced since vedic era .At present day surrogacy is legally accepted throughout the world.

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