How does blastocyst culture improve IVF outcomes?

The blastocyst culture is the stage of development where the egg already divides and develops into an embryo around five days after fertilization and it becomes a blastocyst, ready to be implanted in uterus. Cleavage stage embryos, on the other hand, would generally be in the fallopian tube, thus they must wait a few days before implanting.

Previously doctors used to put many embryos into the uterus in the early days of IVF that used to result in multiple births in some women. However with the advances in blastocyst culture, Doctors at Kiran Infertility Centre – Hyderabad are now able to transfer fewer or single embryos thereby avoiding multiple pregnancies such as triplets during IVF treatment. Also they select the best grade embryo which in turn increases the chances of successful pregnancy

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