The body of a woman goes through many changes during IVF care and it can be stressful to successfully balance work life. It is very important in such situations that the woman should have a good understanding of the essence of the care and the amount of time she has to take away from her job.

During the early morning sessions, doctors usually perform all the egg retrieval tasks and embryonic transfer. Discussing this with your office boss is also a good idea if it becomes necessary to take time off work.

IVF is a day-care treatment, which ensures that it is perfectly safe to resume daily work after a day of rest after egg retrieval and embryo transfer. Egg retrieval is carried out under local or general anesthesia.

Transferring embryos mostly does not require any anesthesia. The intended mother should ensure that her physical comfort is adequate. The intended mother should also use best practices for self-care, schedule any leaves and activities in advance and seek advice if needed.

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