Embryo Egg Donation Center in Chennai

At KIC-Chennai egg donation program assists those women who are unable to produce their own healthy eggs for conceiving a baby. Embryo Egg donation in Chennai, India is most certainly new. A fertile woman, whose ovary releases an egg at timely intervals, can donate the egg to infertile couples and help fulfill their dreams of becoming parents. Successive embryo transfer is resulting in cumulative success rate of conceiving by 90%.

Kiran Infertility Center – Chennai is one of the best Oocyte and Embryo donation centre in Chennai. Oocyte and embryo donation in Chennai is within your budget because we have more than 100 Indian egg donors, 150 Caucasian egg donors and also African American egg donors in association with the ART Bank.

Oocyte and Embryo Egg Donation in Chennai – What does it mean

Oocyte is the medical name for a woman’s egg that has not been fertilized. While it is immature, the Oocyte remains in a woman’s ovaries. Women are born with all of the Oocytes that they will ever have till their age of fertility.

Embryo Egg Donation Center in Chennai

Typically, one Oocyte is matured per month, gradually reducing a woman’s egg reserve. Embryos on the other hand are fertilized Oocytes that occur as a result of intercourse or during infertility treatment. Once the Oocyte is fertilized it is deemed to be an embryo.

Oocyte donation has been made possible as a result of in-vitro fertilization (IVF). Oocyte donation involves two women: the donor and the woman who wishes to be pregnant. The treatment provides an answer for infertile women with ovarian problems, such as primary or premature ovarian failure.

Embryo donation is a technique that enables embryos formed from donor gametes in the IVF laboratory are donated to another infertile couple. Embryo donation is less expensive than other ART procedures like ICSI with surgical sperm retrieval. Embryo donation helps embryo recipients in becoming pregnant and giving birth within a year.

Tests on Egg/Embryo Donors

Egg/Embryo donors play a key role in embryo donation as such KIC-Chennai ensures that the eggs are donated from the healthy women after doing various tests on the egg donors. These tests include-

  • Psychological screening and testing
  • Genetic and chromosomal testing
  • STD testing
  • Routine and advanced pathology
  • Hormonal Screening
  • Fertility Screening
Embryo donors in chennai

Selection of Oocyte and Embryo Donors

There are various tests done on Oocyte and Egg Donors and only those women who are young and healthy between the ages of 21-30 years are eligible for Oocyte/embryo donor treatment in KIC- Chennai’s centre. The various selection methods or measures followed include-

  • Screening tests for HIV, VDRL and Hepatitis
  • Should not have any genetic disorders or major abnormality.
  • Medical screening for any physical or psychiatric illness
  • Donor should be in good health in all aspects.
  • An ultrasound examination, physical examination or pelvis, endocrine profile etc.

Who needs Oocyte/Embryo Donation Treatment

  • Those with recurrent pregnancy loss
  • Genetic disorders affecting one or both partners
  • Women over the age of 40
  • Absence of ovarian function due to surgery, radiation, chemotherapy
  • Unexplained failure of IVF consecutively.

For more information on Oocyte/Embryo donation – you can contact Kiran Infertility Centre – Chennai

Embryo donation traetment in chennai