Do you know that compatibility of couple during IVF makes it success

Even though only a woman is having medical treatment during IVF, this does not mean that the role of her male partner is not prominent. When it comes to fertilization, both partners are equally responsible. To get healthy embryos, the sperm must be of the same high quality as the egg.


A sperm analysis is an important aspect of all fertility examinations at Kiran Infertility Centre – Chennai. Sperm damage and abnormalities is one of the factors for miscarriage. Smoking, taking drugs, infections, toxins, and stress can have an impact on sperm quality.


However our specialists will take care of your physical health you need not to worry about it. But the other side of this journey is the emotional state. And the most important task for a male partner is to emotionally support the women during hormonal changes and to preserve the positive emotional state of a woman undergoing the treatment because a positive mood affects IVF success as well!!!


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