Bollywood Unfolds its Side on Surrogacy

Bollywood has started working on some less discussed topics and trying to clear the misconception in the masses about the same. The latest Bollywood movie Mimi which depicts compensated surrogacy in a funny casual way is a classic example. The movie plot is basically based on an American couple intending to have a baby through surrogacy and come in contact with a local Rajasthani dancer Mimi and were mesmerized by her beauty. The intended couple offered a good amount of money to Mimi for being the surrogate, even though the amount shown is hyperinflated in the movie. The couple was horrified when they came to know the child was having Down syndrome. They told Mimi to go for an abortion but Mimi refused but later on the baby was born healthy.

Not only just Bollywood movies, but Bollywood celebrities in their personal lives are also coming out upfront about surrogacy. Saif Ali Khan has revealed that Kareena was considering surrogacy for her baby. In the book written by Kareena Kapoor herself titled “The Pregnancy Bible”, Saif Ali Khan has mentioned in the afterword that when the couple was planning their first baby Kareena was strongly considering surrogacy but later she realized that everything in life requires 100% and now is a proud mother of two.

Adding some more words to the book, Saif also revealed that Kareena was size zero when they first met and used to shop in the kid’s zone as apart from that the clothes didn’t fit her. Due to weight management issues, Kareena was very concerned but later on, she made up her mind and decided to go for it.

The book is a brief account of Kareena’s personal life insights about her both pregnancies. The book describes her physical as well as emotional experiences throughout her pregnancies.  She stated that Pregnancy Bible has been vetted and certified by FOGSI, India’s official body of gynecologists and obstetricians as well as several expert voices. The book is the ultimate guide for moms to be, according to her.

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